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What is a social business?

It is a hybrid company that has both business and social objectives.

What is .bz?

‚.bz‘ is the domain we used before ‚.org.‘ It is the internet address code for social businesses - a cost effective alternative to .biz. In SMS text messaging, bz = busy Example: R U BZ? = Are you busy?

Are you a charity?

No we are not. However, we are a charitable organization. ACTIVEVOICE is a social business enterprise. We sell English services to cover operational costs and our profit goes back into the company, its workforce, educational projects & scholarship programs.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes for donations and contributions over CHF100. We give you an official letter from the Zurich Tax Authorities that you can include with your tax records.

Can I tell you where I‘d like my donation or contribution to go?

ALL donations currently support two scholarship programs for girls. You can suggest which one. ALL contributions support ACTIVEVOICE projects. Decisions are made by the board.

What are SOCIAL AVE programs?

We believe that education should not be denied to anybody. In special situations, we offer discounted or pro-bono rates for English lessons and services.

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