Current Role: Teacher / Ayurvedic Practitioner / Real Estate Developer

2 - 3 Ultimate Goals: Increase my influence in Ayurveda by exposing more people to natural and preventative health care / Continue to build safe & luxurious housing for all demographics of people / Continue to challenge myself with being a healthy balanced kind individual for my family and friends 

Impressive Achievement: Rebuilt and restored over 50 homes, with the majority in underserved neighbourhoods

Coaching Tip & Advice To Students: Follow the 4 Agreements:

1) Be impeccable with your word 2) Don’t take anything personally 3) Don’t make assumptions 4) Always do your best 



Current Role: Teacher / Filmmaker / Social Entrepreneur

2 - 3 Ultimate Goals: Make a movie / Build a park / Solve the homeless crisis 

Impressive Achievement: Passed the Swiss passport exam - in London

Coaching Tip: You are responsible for the energy you bring to the session

Advice To Students: Do what brings you joy and peace of mind